I hurt my groin

The other day, I sat on the hip abduction / adduction machine, and made the mistake of putting too much weight on for the adduction part. I also feel like I was taking it lightly (pun intended) and wasn’t properly positioned with my back against the backrest.

I felt something when I tried to pull inwards. A strain. Not a pop, thankfully. I kept trying and realized I should stop. That pretty much ended my time at the gym. I was able to walk without limping and made it home, but it’s been a day and I can feel it when I walk at times. It isn’t constant, but it exists.

When I got home to google my injury, I was bummed to discover that many sites say the hip abduction / adduction machine machine is one to avoid.

So, I’m on the sidelines a bit. I didn’t work out today, though I did walk to campus to do some work today. My big fear is how this will affect my workout regimen. How long will I be unable to do any serious cardio?

Planning to go to the gym tomorrow and do some upper body and maybe very low impact cardio on the treadmill. We’ll see. I know I’ve gotta make sure I don’t injure myself any further.

At least I learned some things!

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