Buzzing in the Kitchen with Psyllium Husks and Egg Whites

Thanks to Kirstyn, at 24 Hour Fitness, I looked into a pretty neat website: and used a portion from this recipe for Psyllium Husks and Egg White Crepes to make some of today’s lunch!

My lunch consisted of 4oz. avocado, 4 oz. imitation crab, fresh salsa (Rojo’s Fresh Cut Hot Salsa), and I made my own wraps for it using the recipe for psyllium husk and egg white crepes. It was almost like eating it with a tortilla, except the flavor is a bit different, and the consistency as well, but this wrap comes packed with 5.8g Protein, at only 42.5 calories, so I’m in! I’ve been trying to get more protein in my diet, and also am really interested in other recipes on the Protein Pow(d)er site, so I’ll try to give it a go!

My lunch with homemade wrap:
Made crepe/tortillas today with egg whites and psyllium husks

In pursuit of weight loss, and general good health, I’ve been making some pretty drastic changes to my diet which began in 2011. It started out with me trying to adhere to an “Eat Clean” type of diet, which I still do sometimes, but admittedly, whenever I eat out at a restaurant, it all goes out the window since most places don’t cook food in adherence to my diet plan, which is understandable. I worry for my close friends who I imagine are getting sick of my pursuit of fish, lean meat, and balancing protein and carbs. Sorry friends! But, It’s been fun experimenting. A friend of mine told me there was no reason for me to avoid gluten unless I had an allergy to it, but I swear I feel better when I do– less bloated, and whatnot. Placebo or not, it’s good enough to convince me to limit my gluten intake.

Just thought I’d post an update on diet since I haven’t done that in a while. Happy eating!

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    would this be okay to freeze?

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