Like a Champ

Post-surgery Squirrel

Here’s a picture of Squirrel after I got her home. Notice her left paw has been shaved for the IV during surgery. Her eyes are dilated from the pain meds, but she did good and was still affectionate and not too much different from her usual self. They extracted her two upper canines. She has stitches which will dissolve in time, but she still will need a follow-up exam to make sure she’s healing OK. Dr. Kinoshita was really cool and explained everything to me. She showed me photos of the before and after, and also saved the two teeth for me.

Squirrel was sent home with antibiotics, which she has to take for 7 days. I was told I can break open the capsules and put it into her food. She finished her food, and is lying next to me this morning as I type this.

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