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Old Person Spring Break 2013

So, spring break 2013 is pretty much done for. In less than two hours, it will be Sunday, and then back to school on Monday. I got hit on via email (I think) by another student. I did not reply. … Continue reading

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A Pat on the Back for Me?

I’m not gonna be doing the same shit I did in the past anymore. I’m not gonna do things I’m not comfortable doing. Random city shot – Honolulu, HI.

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My Dinner with Friends, Biology is Dumb

A shot after dinner of Randi’s phone. I entitled this: The Past is Calling; it Wants its Phone Back Last night, I had a great time catching up with a few friends I haven’t seen (some of them) since January … Continue reading

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Spring Break 2013

One of the cool things at school this past week: Asian cuisine in the cafeteria prepared by LCC culinary students. :) Holy shit, I’m on spring break! Something I never would have imagined saying to anyone ever again around this … Continue reading

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A flock of geese, A flock of trees, An abandoned house; And the horse you rode in here on. Note to Self:

You feel like crying just the tiniest bit right now; and you feel stupid for it. Also, you’ve recently rediscovered the semicolon; hello there. Oh yeah — Here’s a melancholy picture you shot today:

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Procrastinating Maroon

I want this inside me. I am so dumb. I found out I was getting a ‘B’ in Biology lab, so instead of getting lab report out of the way and working on it, I went to dinner with Rich. … Continue reading

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Quit While You’re.. Spasmosdic

I almost dropped biology. I was sure I was failing / getting a ‘D’ in the lab portion of the class, but at the advice of a few friends, other students, and my Chemistry professor, I went and spoke with … Continue reading

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The Hapalua. Don’t Run too Far… and Eat More Carbs

A picture taken during Hapalua packet pickup What’s a recipe for gaining weight? Less cardio and more carbs. That’s what I’m doing as part of an experiment at the moment. Sunday, March 10th, marked the 2nd annual Hapalua Half Marathon … Continue reading

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Dysfunctional? Me?

Sometimes I feel like I look OK, and other times, not so much. Now, as I age, I look in the mirror and wonder what the hell is going on with me. I don’t know how to wear makeup. I … Continue reading

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Adventures With Carbs

I’m doing the Hapalua 1/2 marathon this upcoming weekend. I feel pretty ready for it *knock on wood. After this run, I think I’m gonna take a break from running marathons since I just can’t imagine being able to train … Continue reading

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