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The Hapalua. Don’t Run too Far… and Eat More Carbs

A picture taken during Hapalua packet pickup What’s a recipe for gaining weight? Less cardio and more carbs. That’s what I’m doing as part of an experiment at the moment. Sunday, March 10th, marked the 2nd annual Hapalua Half Marathon … Continue reading

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An Update on My Current Fitness Regimen and Diet

I’m still working with an excellent trainer, named Kirstyn and she wants me to try something new which she once explained will happen in a three-month program she’s trying to test. She believes in only weight training for the first … Continue reading

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Today, I Wanted This…

Shakey’s Pizza: Medium, thin crust, with italian spicy sausage, mushrooms and jalapenos. Actually, substitute the mushrooms with green bell peppers. MMmmm. Perfect. Of course, I didn’t eat it. I’m dieting pretty hard right now. I keep a daily food journal … Continue reading

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Buzzing in the Kitchen with Psyllium Husks and Egg Whites

Thanks to Kirstyn, at 24 Hour Fitness, I looked into a pretty neat website: ProteinPow.com and used a portion from this recipe for Psyllium Husks and Egg White Crepes to make some of today’s lunch! My lunch consisted of 4oz. … Continue reading

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National Running Day

National Running Day, is the first Wednesday of June. In celebration of the day, I went on a run around Diamond Head even though I had already done a PT workout this morning focusing on my hamstrings. Did you manage … Continue reading

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Saturday PT and Food Journal

My trainer gave me homework, to fit in another PT session over the weekend. In the past, I did 2 PT sessions a week, and 4 cardio days… with 1 day off. So it was interesting that my new trainer … Continue reading

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Night With a Certain Tea

Recently, a friend took me to Lupicia, in the Ala Moana Shopping Center. When I realized the mall had closed and we were still inside the shop being assisted by two nice saleswomen, I felt both obliged and obligated to … Continue reading

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