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4th Midlife Crisis, Comin’ Atcha!

Woke up, heart pounding, head reeling, short, rapid breaths… filled with doubt, worried, and anxious. I resisted the temptation to phone a friend since it was 6 AM in the fucking morning, and I can’t be bothering people every time … Continue reading

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Obligatory blah

Keeping things up-to-date, I’ll give a basic update. The semester is coming to a close. The final day of instruction, is May 1st. Our last Chemistry lab is next Monday (4/22) and our final Biology lab is May 1st (Of … Continue reading

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The Importance of Being Coordinated and Stuff

The Hawaii Convention Center: The view going down the escalators this afternoon, on my way home Today, I assisted with some volunteer work for the Hawaii State Science and Engineering Fair. There were some pretty nice people there, and they … Continue reading

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Getting Over Myself (a.k.a. The Post Where I Say “Fuck” a Lot)

Motion blur lighthouse pic. Such fucking pretentious bullshit, right? Yeah. Fuck me. The young guy came back to class, and you know what? I realized I was being stupid, and just smiled and said “bye” to him today. Fuck it. … Continue reading

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