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My Secret to Weight Loss (What a horrible title!)

Soba spaghetti, crab salad, and an orange blossom OK. The secret to weight loss, for me anyway, has been this: Eat less. Exercise. And now you’re thinking: What a douche?! But, it’s true. There is a little more to it, … Continue reading

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Rice Cooker Meals

I wanted a small, fancy-pants rice cooker. After browsing Amazon, I decided to take a trip to DonQuijote in Pearl City. DonQuijote, in case you didn’t know, is a large retail chain with roots in Japan, which also happens to … Continue reading

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Friday 5 for January 17: Food Again

Finally doing another Friday 5… Head on over by clicking here to do some of your own! Do you live to eat? Or do you eat to live? What was the most recent pork dish you consumed, and how was … Continue reading

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sunday night anxiety

A custard dessert from the LCC cafeteria – one of the many foods I’ve been cheating with recently This weekend, feelings of optimism started to fade. I’m still an optimist, but always a realist as well (I try to be, … Continue reading

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Procrastinating Maroon

I want this inside me. I am so dumb. I found out I was getting a ‘B’ in Biology lab, so instead of getting lab report out of the way and working on it, I went to dinner with Rich. … Continue reading

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The Hapalua. Don’t Run too Far… and Eat More Carbs

A picture taken during Hapalua packet pickup What’s a recipe for gaining weight? Less cardio and more carbs. That’s what I’m doing as part of an experiment at the moment. Sunday, March 10th, marked the 2nd annual Hapalua Half Marathon … Continue reading

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Adventures With Carbs

I’m doing the Hapalua 1/2 marathon this upcoming weekend. I feel pretty ready for it *knock on wood. After this run, I think I’m gonna take a break from running marathons since I just can’t imagine being able to train … Continue reading

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Cholesterol Baby

I was diagnosed with high cholesterol in late 2007. I’m sure it was high before then, but that was the first year I managed to get myself to a physician to get a physical. It was my first post-college physical, … Continue reading

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Lost Fat and Muscle

During the whole ordeal of going back to school and then having terrible thumb pain on my right hand, I wasn’t able to hit the gym as much. Today I got measured and calipered, and the results are in: I … Continue reading

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Quest for Gingerbread in Hawaii: 2012 Edition

While not shaped like gingerbread boys and gals, this was still pretty awesome! As I mentioned before, I’m a pretty die-hard fan of gingerbread. It’s one of those things about Christmas that floats my boat, and makes me feel like … Continue reading

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