Lost Fat and Muscle

During the whole ordeal of going back to school and then having terrible thumb pain on my right hand, I wasn’t able to hit the gym as much. Today I got measured and calipered, and the results are in: I lost 6lbs, and 1/2 was muscle, the other 1/2 was fat. I haven’t been eating the same. Leeward Community College doesn’t have much food nearby. I never bother to drive anywhere else once I get there, so I only eat whatever I pack, and once in a while venture into the cafeteria for something. My main diet has consisted of apples, protein powder, protein bar, rye bread and ham, with occasional okinawan sweet potatoes thrown in there. I stopped with the oranges since I couldn’t peel them when my thumb was flaring up.

My right thumb is feeling significantly better after last Tuesday’s cortisone shot, but there is still a weirdness to it — the thumb is not 100%. Not sure if it ever will be.

Today was my first time back at the gym exercising anything other than my legs. Today was a shoulder / chest day. I could feel how weak my arms had gotten as I struggled with stuff that wasn’t so difficult in December. I’m hoping to gain the muscle back, but none of the fat, and keep my weight stable. I’m currently at 113.7 lbs.

I have been trying to get runs in at least 3 times a week, and my “long” run has been set to 8 miles. I plan to increase that to 10 this upcoming weekend, since I’m signed up for the Hapalua Half Marathon in March. I’m happy with my weight-loss so far. I hope I can bring it down to an even 110, without losing muscle… but imagine that will take months.

Sunrise (19/365)
A picture I took one morning during a run.

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