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The World Needs More People Like Janet Kelsey

If you’ve been listening to KTUH FM Honolulu over the years, and in particular, if you listen to Jazz, you may have had the privilege of hearing, Friday Morning Jazz with Janet Kelsey, from 9AM – 12PM HST. Janet held … Continue reading

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The Tomboy Buys Conju, Korean Princess Soap, in an Attempt to Beautify Herself

I don’t wear any foundation or face makeup, but on occasion I get concerned about the signs of aging and invest in cleansers or moisturizers. In the past, I’ve tried Shiseido products, and couldn’t really tell whether or not they … Continue reading

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Shot From the Hip: Another Running Injury

After going to physical therapy for runner’s knee, and changing my running gait, I’ve discovered a new pain developing in my right hip. At first it was so slight, I thought it was just my body getting used to my … Continue reading

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A Cat Named Squirrel

Let me introduce you to Squirrel: Squirrel was adopted from the Hawaiian Humane Society on June 4, 2011. She’ll be seven years-old next month. The name Squirrel was given to her by the people at the Humane Society and I … Continue reading

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Signed up for the 2012 Ford Island Bridge Run!

One of my favorite runs each year, is the Ford Island Bridge Run. It’s a 10K across the Ford Island bridge, around Ford Island, and back to Richardson Field. I love that this race is always organized so well. From … Continue reading

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Rhyolite Historic Ghost Town, NV

On my trip to Vegas this year, I drove 100+ miles out past Beatty, to a ghost town named Rhyolite. If you don’t mind the drive, and enjoy photography or ghost towns, I highly recommend it. It’s free, and seems … Continue reading

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Hina Matsuri – Happy Girl’s Day

March 3rd is Girl’s Day, and this year, I decided to get a doll for my niece to mark the occasion. She’s almost three years old, and is a great and happy kid that brings smiles to a lot of … Continue reading

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