Signed up for the 2012 Ford Island Bridge Run!

One of my favorite runs each year, is the Ford Island Bridge Run. It’s a 10K across the Ford Island bridge, around Ford Island, and back to Richardson Field. I love that this race is always organized so well. From packet pickup, to race day itself, signs are always posted to direct people to the right places to go, and many volunteers are on the course… the swag at the end of the race is pretty awesome as well. I also get a kick out of running across the bridge and around the tiny island.

This year, the run is happening on 4/7/12. I’ve mailed in my entry form and am hoping to be ready in time. I’ve been going through physical therapy since February for my knee. They’ve got me running with a whole new form / gait… so it’s different and new to me. So far 4 miles is the farthest I go each time I workout. I’m afraid to push it since I had to take a break from running and don’t want further injury.

Also, this might sound weird, and is hard to explain, but when I run with the new foot placement my PT told me to try, my femur feels weird on my right leg where it connects to the hip… it’s a strange sensation. Like my right leg is crooked or something. But, I think the PT is helping a lot, so I’m hopeful I can do this run. I’m canceling on the Hapalua (Half marathon) this weekend, which I’d signed up for before my injury. I’m just not ready.

Here are some photos from past Ford Island Bridge runs I’ve participated in:

A photo from the 2008 Ford Island Bridge Run
ford island bridge run april 5, 2008

Photo taken on the island in 2010 during the run
13th Annual Ford Island Bridge Run: 2010

My 2011 race packet and timing chip
91/i365: race day tomorrow

Photo from the back of the start line in 2010:
13th Annual Ford Island Bridge Run: 2010

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