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Plantar faciitis and some treatments that helped

It’s amazing and scary how easy it can be to fall¬†out of exercise¬†routines when injuries occur. Since the pain in the arch of my foot wasn’t going away, I stopped walking long distances and discovered any form of cardio caused … Continue reading

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Surgery canceled!

Thumbs up for Dr. Atkinson! I had a chance to see Dr. Atkinson yesterday, for a 2nd opinion. He was so different from Dr. Blum, and I am sticking with Atkinson from now on. Here are some of the differences … Continue reading

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cmc thumb recontruction with fcr autograft.

Writing goofy-handed I’ve had a condition for a while now, which really plagued me at the beginning of the spring 2013 semester, in which my right thumb was causing me a lot of pain. My current ortho said he thinks … Continue reading

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My 2nd Cortisone

Today, I visited the same orthopedic surgeon/physician that administered my first cortisone shot back in January. I had been doing pretty well during the semester without wearing the splint for my thumb, and didn’t really have any problems until recently, … Continue reading

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Lost Fat and Muscle

During the whole ordeal of going back to school and then having terrible thumb pain on my right hand, I wasn’t able to hit the gym as much. Today I got measured and calipered, and the results are in: I … Continue reading

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My First Cortisone

While waiting for the Dr., I snapped a picture of the x-rays of my thumb Last Tuesday, I had an appointment with Dr. Blum for the pain that started really flaring up on the first day of school in my … Continue reading

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I’ve been taking a lot of photos of campus lately since I’m doing a photo-a-day exercise, and find myself there every day… I’ve had on-again-off-again pain that seemed related to my right thumb over the past couple of years. I’ve … Continue reading

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2012 Honolulu Marathon Complete: Lessons Learned, Kneepocalypse Now! A Chapter Ends.

A picture of the runners at the massive Start Line Yes! It’s over. Thank goodness, life can return to semi-normal. Meaning, no more long runs every weekend, and a much more casual running experience overall. Actually, I’m injured now, so … Continue reading

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Zensah Compression Sleeve for Shin Splints

Yesterday, was the Norman Tamanaha 15K, which is the first in a series of five races geared at getting you up to speed for the Honolulu Marathon, taking place in December. I wrote about the readiness series earlier, here in … Continue reading

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Sometimes, It Really is Just Common Sense

I finally had my appointment with the orthopedic physician about my hip pain. Long story short: She told me not to listen to the Physical therapist about changing my gait. What she said made a whole lotta sense. She said … Continue reading

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