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Recent Books Purchased

Just some recent books purchased:

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i hate quitting sometimes

I’ve always wanted to learn how to draw glass and am thankful I did… Last night, I dropped my Art class. It was beyond the tuition refund period, but within range to get a ‘W’ for it. Class alone takes … Continue reading

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Painting, Endeavoring, and the Basic Facts of Where I’m at.

Seeing all the art in person at The Smithsonian Museum of American Art, as well as the National Gallery of Art, the Hirschhorn Museum, the Freer and Sackler galleries and many other influences during my incredibly long summer trek, really … Continue reading

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Wake Up, Mr. Anderson.

I did update this blog, and then I deleted the all-too-significant post about my breakup. It was too personal. I know some people try to put it all out there on the WWW for everyone to see, but I am … Continue reading

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Chappelle Son!

I had the opportunity to see Dave Chappelle perform tonight in Honolulu. Man. It was fucking fantastic, I tell you! Hilarious. I laughed so much through the whole show. Props to Kermet Apio — the opening act. He is a … Continue reading

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My Head Lights a Cigarette Inside My Mind

All these years, I thought the lyric was: “My head lights a cigarette inside my mind…” but it’s “And my hand lights her cigarette inside my mind” I like mine better.

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Previews Before Looper

I’ve noticed a lot of people seem to be interested in which trailers were shown before Looper. These are the ones I can remember: Lincoln Sinister Paranormal Activity 4 Mama Cloud Atlas Steel Magnolias Red Dawn I have to say… … Continue reading

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Go On

I’ve really been enjoying NBC’s new comedy, Go On, this season. It stars Matthew Perry, John Cho, Tyler James Williams, Bill Cobbs, Allison Miller, Lauren Benanti, and more. The premise of the show is a little morbid, but it works. … Continue reading

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Giancarlo Esposito Shoulda Won Tonight

I watched the Emmy’s this year, live, and it was pretty fun since I could interact with mainland people while the show was going on via GetGlue. One of the reasons I tuned in, was because I was fairly certain … Continue reading

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Download Flau Records’ FADER Mix

Yesterday, I stumbled upon a link from Fader Magazine, for a Flau Records mix. Flau Records is run out of Japan, by Yasuhiko Fukuzono, a.k.a. dj aus. I’m glad I downloaded this – it’s ambient, atmospheric, melodic, uplifting and at … Continue reading

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