Download Flau Records’ FADER Mix

Yesterday, I stumbled upon a link from Fader Magazine, for a Flau Records mix. Flau Records is run out of Japan, by Yasuhiko Fukuzono, a.k.a. dj aus.

I’m glad I downloaded this – it’s ambient, atmospheric, melodic, uplifting and at times almost melancholy. The feelings were ephemeral in a good way, as I listened to the whole mix late last night, lying on my bed, feeling kind of overwhelmed. It was good music for someone unsure of her future, but secure that everything would work out in the end.

Download Flau Records’ FADER Mix.

Radiosonde – Up to the Sky / Altum
Cokiyu – Drag the Beast (Shigeto Remix)
Madegg – Young Age
El Fog – Broken
Part Timer – Click It
Geskia! – Experimental Goddess
MayMay – All is Still
Dale Berning – Oven
Cuushe – Dust of Dreams (Motion Sickness Of Time Travel Remix)
Kumisolo – Kabocha
Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven – Lost Paradise
Dale Berning – Swimming
Kanazu Tomoyuki – Torso in April
Sylvain Chauveau – _A(m)
Novisad – Distand Vicinity
Liz Christine – Pour Cecile
Henning Schmiedt – Teelöffel Backpulver
Orla Wren – The Fish and The Doll
Twigs & Yarn – Marigold Ride
Liz Christine – Green Eyes Girl (sweet mellow version)
Kira Kira – Happahrólfur Salísú (version)
aus – Lovers
El Fog – Silent Soaring
Cokiyu – Textured Clouds
Chipoe – Poplam02
Geskia! – 2 Hour / Seahoses
aus – Autoland
Ethan Rose – Relations
Novisad – Untitled 9
Cuushe – Swimming in the Room (Julia Holter Remix)
Twigs & Yarn – Laverne
Hood – This Year’s First Storm
The Boats – You Need to See through Better Eyes
Colophon (Jefre Cantu-Ledesma) – Sunset in Your Mother’s Garden

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