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Anime Crushes: Robotech Edition

Robotech was an interesting import, because it consisted of three totally separate anime series in Japan, that were re-written to be interconnected stories in America, by Harmony Gold. (Big ups to Carl Macek)! It wasn’t the first anime I’d ever … Continue reading

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Bride in Profile

I loved her plumeria haku lei-inspired headdress that was attached to her veil. Also, she looked great in all those ruffles. In the building I work at, there’s an agency whose clientele consists of Japanese couples coming to Hawaii to … Continue reading

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Jurison’s Inn – Waikele, HI

Hawaii is a pretty diverse place, especially when it comes to food. We also celebrate many of the trends taking place on the continental U.S., such as having a Starbucks or Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf every 10 miles. But … Continue reading

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Saturday PT and Food Journal

My trainer gave me homework, to fit in another PT session over the weekend. In the past, I did 2 PT sessions a week, and 4 cardio days… with 1 day off. So it was interesting that my new trainer … Continue reading

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What are BCAAs and Why Am I Trying Them?

My new trainer recommends 2.5g of BCAAs before and after a PT workout. On mornings where I plan to only do cardio for the day, she told me to take 5g first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach. … Continue reading

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First Day Back with a New Trainer at 24 Hour Fitness

Last year, I finally signed up for my very first gym membership. I chose 24 Hour Fitness since I can walk there from my apartment, and because they are open 24 hours a day. I opted to also sign on … Continue reading

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2012 Ford Island Bridge Run 10K

This morning, I participated in the Ford Island Bridge Run, which is a 10K around Ford Island, and back to Richardson Field.I was having a discussion earlier this year with a friend who has done his fair share of races, … Continue reading

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Sometimes, It Really is Just Common Sense

I finally had my appointment with the orthopedic physician about my hip pain. Long story short: She told me not to listen to the Physical therapist about changing my gait. What she said made a whole lotta sense. She said … Continue reading

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