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The Library

I can’t stand studying at coffee shops. The constant grinding of various machines, the coffee smell and bad pastries and sandwiches, poor lighting and bad color schemes all collide into a big bowl of irritating. Yes, I’m probably in the … Continue reading

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When you feel like tomorrow is five years away

I have about five more years to reaching the goal I set last year of getting a MS in Chemistry. I’ve been advised to go for the PhD. I should. I probably should. Sometimes, there are things that happen in … Continue reading

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I’m a Bad Aunty

Lately, I’ve become the worst aunty in the world. I stopped seeing my niece since I’ve been studying a lot more. I saw her today and my heart felt a little sad when I saw remnants of cake and realized … Continue reading

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Welcome to (Insert witty something here) a.k.a. Shit Gets Real

It’s been quite an experience this semester in Organic Chemistry. I’m starting to feel closer and closer to being a chemist. But I am sure this will fade as I take Physics and Physical Chemistry, and even the second semester … Continue reading

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