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July 17, 2017, marked 20 years from the day we lost my father. He was the 9th son of immigrants, and the best dad I could have asked for. My time with dad was split into two phases. One, was … Continue reading

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I had my first colonoscopy and endoscopy way before the routine age to get one, back on May 6th. The prep wasn’t terrible, but it was tiresome. I drank all the colyte, and my advice to anyone going through this … Continue reading

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Apoocalypse now

I don’t know ’bout you, but using the bathroom and expunging waste from the day before was a morning ritual I looked forward to. I’d wake up, take my poo, feel good about life, and be on my merry way. … Continue reading

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Adult Swim

The pool I get to swim in. I took the plunge this summer, and signed on for adult swim classes. They’re taught by SwimHawaii, and I had my first class last Saturday. I have one other person in my class

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I Fucking hate jeans now

I bought jeans for the first time in many years, and realized I fucking hate jeans now. What’s with all the skinny jeans? (It’s been more than a decade since I’ve worn jeans). I don’t want mom-jeans, but christ. I … Continue reading

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I Am Thankful

I’ve had a good run so far in 2014. I can’t complain because I feel like I’ve had great opportunities and experiences. 2014 has been yet another year of change! And the changes have been good. The tiny asparagus ferns … Continue reading

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The 411

Celebratory froyo! “I got into grad school!” Those words are something I’d never imagined I’d ever hear myself saying, but I’m saying them on a regular basis now. I have to thank the people who wrote me letters of recommendation … Continue reading

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The New New a.k.a. “Get High on Life All Day, Every Day” a.k.a. I’m Not a Quitter…

After spending the last 1.5 years of life pursuing a MS in Chemistry to fulfill my goal of becoming a community college Chemistry Professor, I came to the conclusion that it’s too risky and time-consuming of an endeavor. As a … Continue reading

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Spring 2014 Wrap-up

My math professor told us to go outside and look at the sky on this night… The spring semester is over. I took Organic Chemistry 1, and Calculus 2. I received A’s in both classes. I had the top score … Continue reading

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The Library

I can’t stand studying at coffee shops. The constant grinding of various machines, the coffee smell and bad pastries and sandwiches, poor lighting and bad color schemes all collide into a big bowl of irritating. Yes, I’m probably in the … Continue reading

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