Adult Swim

The pool I get to swim in.

I took the plunge this summer, and signed on for adult swim classes. They’re taught by SwimHawaii, and I had my first class last Saturday. I have one other person in my class

(their max no. of students is 5 per class), and the instructor, is a really good one named Dr. Kimmie, I believe. I don’t know if that is her name for certain, truth be told, but I think that’s what it is. She is patient and good. I couldn’t do the freestyle stroke at first on my first day, but the techniques she gave me improved me so much! I was doing some odd things where I was turning more than just my head to get air. I was turning the upper-part of my body, which would cause me to sink a little and struggle and breathe really hard. She taught me using the kickboard, how to do the strokes slowly and get used to the body motions, and by the end of class I think I was doing fairly decent! I was so happy by the end of the first class. I’d wanted to jump in the pool this week at some point, but it’s open only from 12 – 2 PM on weekdays during the summer. Hopefully, I can perfect my freestyle, and maybe learn the breaststroke.

I did know how to swim pretty well as a kid, but stopped swimming at some point before my teenage years, and with my dad sick and living in the middle of the island as a kid with no car, I just never found myself swimming all that much. I could always get by. I passed the military tests and can definitely tread water and float, and do enough to get somewhere, but endurance swimming or speed swimming is not something I can do, but would like to be able to.

My ex, and one of my friends, tried to help me out, but Dr. Kimmie has her PhD for a reason! She was able to help me immensely within the first 20 minutes of class. I’m really grateful. Lessons are $15 a class, which meets once a week. Classes are about 30 minutes long, though the doc was sweet and let me and Deborah get in the water 15 minutes early. An additional $10 annual fee was also paid. If I keep up with it (I think I will), I think I will continue at least through the month of July… maybe August too.

Buying a swimsuit has been challenging for me. I finally got it right by going into the dressing room at Sports Authority and trying on a Nike one piece. I realized after the first class that having a two piece is kinda weird. I had to heft my bottom up a couple of times. I also learned I bought my swimsuits too loose. They’re supposed to be a little on the tight-side when dry since the water weighs them down and loosens them up. I am a Nike size 28 or 30. I am slowly learning how to do common things so many other people know how to do… like buy a swimsuit. I’m happy. :0)

On a weird side-note, the suit I bought is not padded. At the beach, I don’t care if my nips show through the suit, but in this setting I’m wondering if it will make my instructor or classmate feel odd. They are very covered-up with their swim attire. But, we’re all ladies… I don’t know. I may have to get some waterproof band-aids to wear over them. Perhaps this is TMI, but it’s more woman-shit I’m dealing with… so, yup.

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