I Fucking hate jeans now

I bought jeans for the first time in many years, and realized I fucking hate jeans now. What’s with all the skinny jeans? (It’s been more than a decade since I’ve worn jeans). I don’t want mom-jeans, but christ. I don’t like skin-tight denim on me. I don’t know how many pairs I’ve bought and had to return to the store because even though they fit, I can’t see myself wearing them. After all the working and working out I’ve been doing these past few months, I discovered I can fit into a size 0, or 2 in said jeans. Sometimes, depending on the cut, even the size 0 is roomy. But I don’t truly understand what goes into all that. Why is it so complicated? Was it always this fucking complicated? Am I a failure as a woman? If you said yes, Fuck you! lol.

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