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Study Habits of a Bag of Bones

One of the guys today, told me I look like a bag of bones. He said it more than once in conversation, so I had to ask him if that was a good or a bad thing in his opinion, … Continue reading

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I’m a Flakey and Sick Aquarius

Today, I went and sat in on Math at LCC, early in the morning. I had an epiphany of sorts this weekend, in which I realized I should make my schedule line up better and take Math and Chem on … Continue reading

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Pak, Nicotine, and the Pursuit of Everything.

Tiny flowers in the KCC cactus garden – taken this summer during finals weel I took the plunge and changed my Math 205 class at LCC to KCC. I was on the waitlist, and a position opened up for me, … Continue reading

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Admittedly, my face hurts

You can see the brown spots and freckles on my cheek more on the black and white photo than the color one since my bangs are so long.. I’d noticed in June this year that the generic Mircette birth control … Continue reading

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One Hundred and Five.

Prof. Kadala posted our math final grade this afternoon, and to my surprise (honestly, pretty huge surprise), I got a 105% on it! What was really cool, was that he’d told us he’d replace our lowest test score with whatever … Continue reading

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I’m in the middle of a series of things, lately. Primarily, school… and finals week. Literally, at the middle of the 4-day week of Math 140. Our final is on Thursday. Somehow, despite bombing the first exam, I still have … Continue reading

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A Hundred and Three, Baby.

My math 140 Exam 3 grade was posted last night, and to my surprise, I finally broke 100% in this class, with a 103%. Kadala tends to make tests worth 117 or 121 percent while grading only out of 100… … Continue reading

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Surgery canceled!

Thumbs up for Dr. Atkinson! I had a chance to see Dr. Atkinson yesterday, for a 2nd opinion. He was so different from Dr. Blum, and I am sticking with Atkinson from now on. Here are some of the differences … Continue reading

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Anxiety #3: Hopefulness: Yes, this is a blog, and some people get downright personal on theirs, but I admittedly leave things out. I am not that public of a person. Let’s just say something huge happened to me recently. Something … Continue reading

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Anxiety #1: Do the Math: The summer’s coming to an end. I’ll confess I blew the first exam (of 4) in trigonometry. I got a 61%. A sixty-fucking-one percent! WTF!? What’s worse is when it was returned to me, and … Continue reading

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