A Hundred and Three, Baby.

My math 140 Exam 3 grade was posted last night, and to my surprise, I finally broke 100% in this class, with a 103%. Kadala tends to make tests worth 117 or 121 percent while grading only out of 100… the extra percentage points are extra credit. I’m super stoked. I thought the 61% I got on my first test would mean I might not make it to calculus, but it’s looking good. I actually have a shot at an A… though I’m going to guess I end up with a B, which is more than fine with me. I was never good at math. When my sister heard I got a 90% on the second exam this summer, she said to me, “Mom would be shocked!”

I really hope my parents can somehow see this. And, by “this” I mean my overall progress, and not my shitty blog.

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