I’m in the middle of a series of things, lately. Primarily, school… and finals week. Literally, at the middle of the 4-day week of Math 140. Our final is on Thursday. Somehow, despite bombing the first exam, I still have a shot at an A. (I’m going to take it).

My apartment. Oh, where do I begin? It’s like I went through some kind of psychosis this year in regards to my habitat. The apartment, which I’d kept generally clean since buying it in 2011, became some kind of experiment during the spring semester. The photo below provides a glimpse into the insanity. Well, OK. It was not worthy of Hoarders or anything, but it was pretty bad. I left a bunch of dishes in the sink for about a month… no water on them, and for the most-part rinsed-off, but still. A fucking month, I tell you. I did, however, keep up with the bathroom. I can’t have that too gross somehow.
@tombstone so, ignore the mess around me, but an example of m... on Twitpic

My job. I had a summer fling with work. Minimum wage at Barnes and Noble. I also peer mentored Chemistry 161 to LCC students taking it during the first summer session. Those were the first jobs I’d held since December 2012. I think I’m gonna try for an on-campus gig when school starts up in a couple of weeks.

Pain management. My thumb surgery is off, but I live with some pain now. Coping with it is OK for the mostpart. I think I’ll be fine over the next few years. (Knock on wood).

My summer. It’s basically about over. I worked two different jobs, did math 140 so I could continue on to Calculus… met the Chancellor of the entire 10 campus system and he spoke to me for a while about my future plans… I’ll write about that more later. Had an emotional epiphany or two, that still hasn’t materialized into anything tangible, but hey– progress.

Life in general. I’m middle-aged now. I’m at the midpoint of my life if nothing too fucked-up happens to me to stop it short of my estimated life expectancy. I wonder how long til I start looking closer to my age? Some people seem to know, but at school, and this summer, at B&N, they thought I was in my twenties like the other younger college students. Maybe that’s what throws everyone off? The fact that I’m in college? Maybe I don’t so much look young, as act young? And do young people things? And wear tacky clothing from time to time that no dignified lady would? (See above picture for reference of said tackiness). But yeah. I’m at the supposed middle of my life, and you know what? It’s a little easier than it was when I was a kid. But, that might only be because I feel like I’m still a kid and managed to stay single and kid-free. Maybe I seem too fucked up to be anything other than a kid to actual adults.

Yup. I’ve got this being a kid thing down pat.

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