One Hundred and Five.

Prof. Kadala posted our math final grade this afternoon, and to my surprise (honestly, pretty huge surprise), I got a 105% on it! What was really cool, was that he’d told us he’d replace our lowest test score with whatever we got on the final since it was a comprehensive exam, and because we’d done so well on Exam 3 which made him happy. So for exam 1 (which I’d bombed with a 61%) I now have a shiny 105% in its place!!

Since the seventh grade, I’ve pretty much sucked at any math and science I attempted. Through Intermediate school, all through high school, and in college when I gave up on a BS and went for a BA instead due to my shitty performance in Math and Chem. I’m still in shock. This is a huge change and a step towards my goal of a Chemistry MS.

So, here’s to Prof. Kadala, and Trigonometry during summer session 2 at KCC. I can only hope to do as well in Calculus I, II, and III. Spooky. I am so scared of CHEM 162 and CALC I this upcoming fall. I don’t wanna get cocky. I don’t think Kadala was a cruise professor, and I believe I learned a lot in his class… so I’m gonna be thankful I didn’t get an ‘F’ in Math 140 like I did back in 1999. Thank you, random math gods. Seriously… Phew!!!

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