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Plantar faciitis and some treatments that helped

It’s amazing and scary how easy it can be to fall¬†out of exercise¬†routines when injuries occur. Since the pain in the arch of my foot wasn’t going away, I stopped walking long distances and discovered any form of cardio caused … Continue reading

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Adult Swim

The pool I get to swim in. I took the plunge this summer, and signed on for adult swim classes. They’re taught by SwimHawaii, and I had my first class last Saturday. I have one other person in my class

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I hurt my groin

The other day, I sat on the hip abduction / adduction machine, and made the mistake of putting too much weight on for the adduction part. I also feel like I was taking it lightly (pun intended) and wasn’t properly … Continue reading

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Life is Good

I attended summer physics at UH Manoa for an uneventful 3 days before withdrawing in time for the 100% tuition refund. It was too accelerated. I knew in my heart I didn’t have it in me to do the amount … Continue reading

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Surgery canceled!

Thumbs up for Dr. Atkinson! I had a chance to see Dr. Atkinson yesterday, for a 2nd opinion. He was so different from Dr. Blum, and I am sticking with Atkinson from now on. Here are some of the differences … Continue reading

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cmc thumb recontruction with fcr autograft.

Writing goofy-handed I’ve had a condition for a while now, which really plagued me at the beginning of the spring 2013 semester, in which my right thumb was causing me a lot of pain. My current ortho said he thinks … Continue reading

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My 2nd Cortisone

Today, I visited the same orthopedic surgeon/physician that administered my first cortisone shot back in January. I had been doing pretty well during the semester without wearing the splint for my thumb, and didn’t really have any problems until recently, … Continue reading

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Procrastinating Maroon

I want this inside me. I am so dumb. I found out I was getting a ‘B’ in Biology lab, so instead of getting lab report out of the way and working on it, I went to dinner with Rich. … Continue reading

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The Hapalua. Don’t Run too Far… and Eat More Carbs

A picture taken during Hapalua packet pickup What’s a recipe for gaining weight? Less cardio and more carbs. That’s what I’m doing as part of an experiment at the moment. Sunday, March 10th, marked the 2nd annual Hapalua Half Marathon … Continue reading

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Adventures With Carbs

I’m doing the Hapalua 1/2 marathon this upcoming weekend. I feel pretty ready for it *knock on wood. After this run, I think I’m gonna take a break from running marathons since I just can’t imagine being able to train … Continue reading

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