Procrastinating Maroon

California-Don on Brown Rice, hold the mayo
I want this inside me.

I am so dumb. I found out I was getting a ‘B’ in Biology lab, so instead of getting lab report out of the way and working on it, I went to dinner with Rich. It was a great dinner, by the way. I got California Don on brown rice, with no mayo, which is pretty much my staple at Gyotaku… Man, but Japanese food is expensive! But, boy do I love it.

So then Tuesday came and went… and I had to work on Chemistry because it was due this morning. I woke up at 4 AM to finish what I had left. I thought I was doing OK, and then in class realized I did a lot of things wrong. So, I’m kinda in panic mode about it, and yet not. Oh well. What happens, happens. I plan to study my ass off tomorrow though. I’m throwing math by the wayside, in favor of Chemistry, since I just got my Exam 2 back from Math, and received my second A in the class. So far, I’m two-for-two, so I’m not so worried about it. Also, my math instructor is a pretty cool dude, who is not assigning anything to us over spring break. All our work’s due the Thursday after spring break. He is officially becoming my favorite instructor since he’s appealing to the procrastinating slacker in me.

Although, my Chem professor works so hard, he deserves to be the gold star winner this semester, I suppose. And if you told him that, he’d scoff, because apparently, he never got any gold stars growing up, and this seems to be an area of some contention. (I’m kidding). I love that he makes fun of the kids these days. They are a little weird. I like them, but they’re super me-oriented. Or, perhaps I’m just old now and can really feel it in my conversations with them. I don’t mind. It’s just different, and somewhat of a relief since I don’t like sharing about my personal life.

So, tomorrow, I have to cram like mad for Chemistry. I feel a cold coming on from all this lack of sleep, all due to my procrastination. I suck. I am getting better, believe it or not! But, yeah. I could be doing a lot better in school if I never went out and only did homework. No more watching The Walking Dead, or going to eat with close friends. Or grocery shopping… and who needs laundry, or workouts?

Actually, I can’t cut the workouts. It’s too closely related to the field I want to go into. Would you hire an out of shape dietitian to counsel you? I didn’t think so. Crappity crap crap. It keeps me from going back to smoking though. There are a couple of people I talk to this semester, who do smoke, and I actually like it when they come in from just smoking, and I can smell that faint cigarette smell, and I think I get almost like a contact high for a second. It’s purely mental. I know. (I’m purely mental).

So… cigarettes… bad. But I want one. And alcohol.. bad. But, I’ll want one after my Chemistry exam on Friday. It’s spring break soon, and people are asking me to hang out, because they think I’ll have spare time, but then, because I’ll be hanging out, I won’t. But, these are friends, and I miss them.

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