Life is Good

From this morning's hike

I attended summer physics at UH Manoa for an uneventful 3 days before withdrawing in time for the 100% tuition refund. It was too accelerated. I knew in my heart I didn’t have it in me to do the amount of work required in order to keep up. I think if I’d stuck with it I’d have made it, but something in me was afraid and reluctant to continue.

Since I’m not working this summer, and also dropped out of Physics, I decided to focus on my physical health which had been neglected all of the Spring 2014 semester. Almost every day has been a long walk, hike, or jog and my diet’s been cleaned up significantly. It feels better.

This morning, I did Diamond Head for the first time in years. (Approx. 7.5 miles total from the park to the trail, up the trail, and back to my car). They charge $1 for walk-in hikers now, and $5 for drive-in visitors. I had parked at Kapiolani Park, walked up around the light house, and then entered the crater and bought an annual ($10) membership. I hope to make use of it at least 9 more times before next summer.

Also, I’ve started watching TV more. I’ve caught up with Once Upon a Time on Hulu, and am into Season 2 of Bored to Death on Amazon Prime. Currently watching Spaceballs the movie in the background as I type this.

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