The New New a.k.a. “Get High on Life All Day, Every Day” a.k.a. I’m Not a Quitter…

After spending the last 1.5 years of life pursuing a MS in Chemistry to fulfill my goal of becoming a community college Chemistry Professor, I came to the conclusion that it’s too risky and time-consuming of an endeavor.

As a single, middle-aged woman with no one out there assisting me with income, it’s become more than scary to think about working towards a degree program that could take as much as five or six years to complete.

The man I’m currently in a relationship with was very nice to offer to help support me on his salary while I pursue the degree, but my upbringing won’t really allow me to accept anything that grand from another person. I can easily imagine both my parents shaking their heads at such a decision from the after-life. And yes, we’re not engaged, and yes, I have issues and it’s complicated, so I’ll stop writing about it and pray he understands if he ever reads this. ;p

Anyway, here’s the new plan:
1) Get a fulltime job in the UH system
2) Use the free college credits to continue my education
3) If #1 fails, get a different fulltime job because we (the entity known as I) need money and we (I) also need health insurance
4) Make a note to self to: Check yourself before you wreck yourself
5) Most likely pursue an MLIS degree since we (I) already possess a BBA in MIS, which makes us (me) an eligible candidate
6) Apply for the MLIS program at UH Manoa
7) Hope for the best

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