My 2nd Cortisone

Today, I visited the same orthopedic surgeon/physician that administered my first cortisone shot back in January.

I had been doing pretty well during the semester without wearing the splint for my thumb, and didn’t really have any problems until recently, when I began to notice an ache in the base of my thumb joint returning. It felt more like muscle DOMS, but then recently, after playing with my molecule kit for over an hour, I started to experience more pain, and some stiffness in my wrist. I started wearing the splint again out of fear, and made the appointment for today.

I was sure he’d recommend the surgery again, but this time he said he felt I was a bit young to get a procedure like that. He felt like the cortisone shot lasted for a while, so if I wanted to, I could get another shot, and see how it goes. He said if the length of time starts to lessen between relief and needing more shots, then we should look at surgical options. I was relieved, in all honesty. After spending the morning googling thumb surgery and seeing photos and videos, I was freaked-out.

So, he also recommended I try to wear the splint more as a reminder not to move my thumb in ways that would aggravate it. Kinda weird to have to wear a splint all the time. I’d probably only wear it when I thought I’d be doing weird things with it, or when it won’t get in the way… and will definitely wear it nights while sleeping (if I can remember)!

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