I’m a Flakey and Sick Aquarius

Today, I went and sat in on Math at LCC, early in the morning. I had an epiphany of sorts this weekend, in which I realized I should make my schedule line up better and take Math and Chem on M/W, and have Tuesdays and Fridays off. I have Chem labs on Thursdays, but that’s all.

I’d wanted Pak, but schedule-wise, I think LCC Math on Mon and Wed is much better for me. I also like Seffrood so far from her lecture this morning, so I feel better about the change. I feel a little wishy-washy, but this is a good thing, I think. At first, I’d thought Pak would be better because of his great online reviews, but the con to it was being at KCC. Also, the three dudes I ask for opinions on most academic decisions (my personal brain trust) all went with Pak based on online reviews. But, I prove every so often that I still go against the brain trust. I’m still me… is that good? Yeah. I think so. I feel happy now.

I caught a cold. Just in time for the fall semester. So, I’m kinda miserable now, but it could be worse. I was able to function in class. Admittedly, at first, the AC was killing me in Chem, and my throat felt like someone was dragging a cotton ball across it with each breath, but it got better after drinking some water and popping a bunch of throat drops. Yowza. I was kinda out of it during lecture. I’m gonna be more quiet in class. I said some vaguely correct things, and one stupid thing. lol! I don’t care though. I still had fun.

I weighed myself and am back down to 111.something lbs. So, yay?

My throat is scratchy. I’m taking zicam and emergenC and forcing protein powder into me as well. Trying to adhere to a better diet. Man. Sore throat is the worst. I hate it more than anything, though the congested / runny nose I have right now also sucks.

But yay! I love LCC. I have nice people in both classes and had an overall good first day back.

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