Pak, Nicotine, and the Pursuit of Everything.

Happy endings? (224/365)
Tiny flowers in the KCC cactus garden – taken this summer during finals weel

I took the plunge and changed my Math 205 class at LCC to KCC. I was on the waitlist, and a position opened up for me, so I’ll now be a student at both LCC and KCC in the fall. I’ll have Chemistry 162 with Tibbitt at LCC in the evenings, and Math 205 (Calculus I baby)! at KCC with Pak in the mornings. I hear KCC parking sucks. I will soon find out!

Initially, I was going to go with both classes at LCC since I liked Mr. Seffrood last Spring and his wife is teaching Calc I this fall, but the reviews on ratemyprofessor for Pak were just outstanding.

My summer is about over. I am also almost done reading Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. It was really good and now I’m getting restless for an ending. C’mon already! What’s the deal with the Buggers?!? (Wait, don’t tell me yet)!

I’m going to try for a STEM student research position at KCC. I hope I can get it. If I do, I’ll get to work with a team of scientists / mathematicians on research which will require a poster or report or both at the end of the research, which I’ll have to present to the scientific community. I’m hopeful I get it and can do research that benefits others. ((fingers crossed))!

My apartment, while much cleaner and emptier than it was at the start of summer, is still not where I want it to be, but hopefully it’ll get there in time.

I am 114 lbs. Up 3 lbs from just a month ago. Finals during summer session II, and having math exams every week did me in. Lots of beer, bad food, skipped gym and cardio sessions… and admittedly, I started up with some ecigs to alleviate the stress of exams. Man. My final was amazing. I had caffeine, nicotine, and pure adrenaline racing through me. I felt like destroying everything (in a mathematical sense). It was awesome. No, I’m not an addict, I assure you. Um. I blame Jeff at B&N for the ecigs. He made it look so damned appealing!! Damn him and his mouth loneliness! j/k I actually miss Jeff and the short conversations we’d have in the break room, and wish him well. It’s totally not his fault I decided to try some ecigs after quitting. Jeff and Ross were really cool.

So, the fall semester is starting on Monday. I’m ready. I want that A in Calculus I. I also want the A in Chemistry 162. I can’t take any additional classes until January… when I’ll have Calculus II, Organic Chemistry (5 credits)!! and Physics 171 with Lab. I also plan to apply for financial aid and scholarships next semester. So, wish me luck with that. I’m realizing I probably have to rent out my apartment next year and rent someplace that costs $500 – 600, so someone else can pay my mortgage. I just can’t afford to keep living there and paying the full price for the rest of my college time. But, I’m ready to make sacrifices for my ambitions.

I really do hope to help the greater good during my lifetime. I believe this career choice, and the pursuit of science will help me to achieve such a goal.

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