I’m a Bad Aunty

Lately, I’ve become the worst aunty in the world. I stopped seeing my niece since I’ve been studying a lot more. I saw her today and my heart felt a little sad when I saw remnants of cake and realized her birthday had passed and I hadn’t even remembered.

She looks great, as usual. The cutest little ball of mischief and little-girl glamor. She got a bunch of shots today at her doctor’s appointment. When I left she was eating a homemade slushie, and I wished I could stay longer but had to do more math.

I also realized I had forgotten to give her anything for Easter, which is tomorrow. My sister was hard-boiling eggs when I left.

I can’t tell the Internet world at large what I’ve been up to aside from school that’s been taking a lot of my time. I’m starting to realize I can’t really keep up with a lot of things anymore.

I’ve got some other news I’m not sharing, but will possibly post about it some time in May. It is a happy thing, and yet full of politics and sadness. I wish sometimes for ignorance. For the luxuries of youth and to be around people who radiate positivity, but that’s not how it’s been lately, and it somewhat sucks ass.

Yup. I should end this post with the words, “suck ass.”

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