Sometimes, It Really is Just Common Sense

I finally had my appointment with the orthopedic physician about my hip pain. Long story short: She told me not to listen to the Physical therapist about changing my gait. What she said made a whole lotta sense. She said I’m too old to change my gait and have my hip bone structure change. Most women are a little knock-kneed, and you can’t change it now, so don’t run in the way that was hurtful, but do the strengthening exercises for my knees that the PT taught me.

Yes. It makes a lot of sense to me. Time and money wasted, but it could have been worse. I received my portion of the bill from physical therapy, which was $92. It kinda stings to have to pay it after experiencing new injuries as a direct result of PT, but it was also a good lesson.

I did a 2-mile run on Monday night, with no pain whatsoever. I just let my feet fall naturally, and no pain. Yay! So, Saturday is the Ford Island Bridge Run, and I’m hoping I do okay. It’s been a long time since I’ve run 6 miles… the longest I’ve gone in the past 4 months is 4 miles, and there was pain associated with my last 4-mile run, so… we’ll see. Fingers crossed that I have a pain-free run this weekend!

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