Wake Up, Mr. Anderson.

I did update this blog, and then I deleted the all-too-significant post about my breakup. It was too personal. I know some people try to put it all out there on the WWW for everyone to see, but I am not those people. Yes, my blog is censored by me. But, I’ve said this before: My personal life is personal.

My current status, is single.
I still speak with my ex, though not daily, and we are platonic.
I went out with two different men, and wasn’t sure if these were dates or pseudo-dates, but wasn’t looking to hook up with anyone– just went to be friendly.

With no job, and only one studio class (ART 123), I have significantly more free time than I’ve ever had in my entire adult life. This means I get to exercise, clean my apartment, and catch up with all the TV I’ve been missing! Yay! On the flip side of that, I’ve admittedly lost sleep as well as my appetite lately; which has (on the bright side) aided in my weight going down so I can fit into those skirts I bought last summer when I worked at Barnes & Noble with no difficulty again. This summer I ate and ate on the longest vacation of my life, and those skirts were unkind to my figure. But now, it’s almost the same as it was last year so… win-win! I’m turning my anxiety over the breakup into an opportunity to look better at least. Something in me knows I have to make an effort to look better. The irony being that I’m not interested in meeting anyone.

I really was invested in my previous relationship. In so many ways I’d thought I could end up with this person, and in the end, can’t help but feel really bummed things didn’t go as I’d dreamed they would when we first met.

Painting 2: Layer 6
My second oil painting after six layers / different sessions.

Some days, I feel anxious. Other days, things are OK. I know it’s not a big deal, but I’m temporarily messed up a little. For now, I need to continue working on my admissions packet to graduate school, and the things in my life I actually have control over.

Wake up, Mr. Anderson.

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