Chappelle Son!

Chappelle in Hawaii

I had the opportunity to see Dave Chappelle perform tonight in Honolulu. Man. It was fucking fantastic, I tell you! Hilarious.

I laughed so much through the whole show. Props to Kermet Apio — the opening act. He is a Local boy now living in Seattle, and told a couple of pretty funny jokes as well. The funniest was him reminiscing about building an ashtray as a kid in school. Remember that shit?! I totally made at least one ashtray in my day. Back then, everyone had a parent who smoked, and it was something school teachers just did… have you make some shit out of clay, and typically, an ashtray.

Chappelle was pretty funny. He got buff, and looked great. He smoked a few cigs on stage, and at the end of the show even came out and let the crowd take a photo of him with the house lights on. I laughed so hard through most of the show. The stuff he was making the ASL sign language lady go through was pretty fucking awesome as well. (Yeah. I curse a lot after watching a show like that). Oh, and his jokes about the Ku Klux Klan KFC workers, Paula Dean, and Hartford, CT. Priceless.

Also, the DJ was great. I think Dave said his name was DJ Trauma. He played some good sets before the show and served as the hype man for Dave before he came out on stage.

Mahalo to Sifu “Jive” Walker for the awesome birthday present. I sat with Rich, Lori and Sifu in some pretty awesome seats.

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