A Cat Named Squirrel

Let me introduce you to Squirrel:
202/i365: catly. i see this pic and i want to pet you.

Squirrel was adopted from the Hawaiian Humane Society on June 4, 2011. She’ll be seven years-old next month. The name Squirrel was given to her by the people at the Humane Society and I kept it. They said she was turned in as a stray, but appeared to have had a previous owner since she was already fixed when they got her.

I went many times to the Humane Society, looking for a good match, and I finally found her. There were many nice kittens and cats, but Squirrel’s overall great personality and cuteness won me over. I’d highly recommend adoption if you’re looking for a pet… and I think it’s worth it to go down to look at the animals as many times as it takes until you find a good match.

Here is a picture of her in her cage at the pound the day before I adopted her:
154i365: squirrel

I knew I wanted a furry companion since I moved out of my family’s home in Mililani, and into an apartment in Honolulu. The condo docs didn’t allow rabbits, so I had to leave my bunny, Pancake, with my sister and her family.

((I miss you, Pancake))
Pancake in the Tall Grass

Squirrel, is a mellow cat. She’s able to play gently with my niece, who is a toddler. She doesn’t scratch or bite hard at all. She seems to love people, and allows everyone to pet her. She stays indoors 100% of the time. I’m lucky she hasn’t destroyed my apartment according to other cat-horror stories I’ve read online. The worst she does is claw the old couch I brought with me.

Squirrel has a tumblr which is populated with photos of cats and cat-like things.

Looking out the window

Squirrel on my one and only couch, which she thinks is hers
213/i365: sunday night

Squirrel’s Christmas card in 2011
Merry Christmas!!!

Squirrel on her perch
341/i365: perch

Surfing the Interwebs
the love affair continues

Squirrel loves keyboards
cat shape

Squirrel loves macbooks
253/i365: catbook prose

Squirrel does not love bags or boxes
223/i365: lupici-cat

With my niece:
303/i365: sunday afternoon

184/i365: niece visiting me and squirrel

With my niece back at the old house
167/i365: niece and squirrel

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