Shot From the Hip: Another Running Injury

After going to physical therapy for runner’s knee, and changing my running gait, I’ve discovered a new pain developing in my right hip. At first it was so slight, I thought it was just my body getting used to my new way of running, but I did a run on Monday morning that changed my mind. There wasn’t really an issue during the run, but all day afterwards I felt an uncomfortable twinge in the right hip at the joint whenever I moved my leg from the hip. I could feel it when walking, and it didn’t lessen until I took some Advil in the afternoon. It was gone by Tuesday morning, and I barely felt it except for the occasional twinge from any strange movement.

Today, it was the same — it only has the slightest twinge when I put my leg in an awkward position or when I jogged across the crosswalk. Though the pain was slight, I felt worried enough to mention it at today’s PT session.

Today was my 6th of 8 PT sessions for my runner’s knee (left knee). I haven’t had issues with the knee for weeks, but the hip pain has slowly built from just a weird sensation, to something that’s begun to actually worry me. They decided to stop my PT sessions for the knee since my medical insurance only covers 8 sessions a year, and you never know if I’ll need those remaining sessions for my hip.

The really cool PT assistant said to me that I should choose a different sport, and I said, “yeah” but in my mind knew I wouldn’t. Not just yet, anyhow. I think she might’ve been kinda joking too, but am not sure. hehe. I’m willing to try to work through my weird body mechanics so I can continue running. Hopefully I don’t get some sad news that I can’t run anymore, because I don’t want to give it up. I’ve done two marathons, before I changed my running gait.. so..?

I made an appointment with the orthopedic physician again, on 4/2. (Their earliest available appointment). Hopefully it’s nothing additional physical therapy can’t help, and even more importantly, I hope she doesn’t advise me to quit running! *fingers crossed*

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