The Tomboy Buys Conju, Korean Princess Soap, in an Attempt to Beautify Herself

I don’t wear any foundation or face makeup, but on occasion I get concerned about the signs of aging and invest in cleansers or moisturizers. In the past, I’ve tried Shiseido products, and couldn’t really tell whether or not they made a difference because I didn’t really use all the products as instructed, and in my laziness would do things like just wash my face with hand soap or the bath bar. I know — those are big time beauty no-no’s, but I’m lazy, and kinda tom-boyish still.

There was a twitter put out by @MarukaiHawaii yesterday that intrigued me. They tweeted a picture of Conju Princess soap. I tried to go but they closed before I could get in the door, so I got it inside one of the stores inside DonQuijote who specializes in Korean beauty products, called Beauty Touch. They had a sale, so it was $20 for 1 bar of soap, and $30 for two.
Buy Conju Soap, play Jan-Ken-Po, win a free hairband! Demo/Sa... on Twitpic

And I was intrigued since I’m not totally invested in any particular brand yet. My mom was a beautiful lady, and a cosmetologist from the old school, so she always looked fashionable and pretty. I rebelled against all things “girlie” in my youth, and never learned from her and I super regret it. When we ate at Makino Chaya her last Thanksgiving with us, she was 74, and asked for the senior discount. The waitress didn’t believe her and scolded her to say: “Ma’am, senior is 65.” Lots of people thought she was 20 years younger. She got mean looks from people on the bus for sitting down, and was carded at McDonalds and Jack in the Box and the movies… ( ( Love you mom… I can only hope for your genes in my old age! ) )

I rejected beauty and never asked my mom for advice on anything growing up. I also tend to hang with dudes, so… no help there. I have no idea how to wear makeup properly. I use eye shadow and lipstick and that’s it. When I try to apply foundation or face powder, or eye liner, mascara, blush, etc., it looks bad to me, so I wipe it all off and end up looking like I do on a regular work day. As I age, I’ll need to try and learn how to do some of these things properly.

Why the change of heart, you ask? Because I realized too late that my mom had it right. I should have respect for myself and the people I interact with and try to have a more presentable appearance. I myself respect her for her beauty (amongst her many other traits, including humility). Like it or not, everyone cares about appearances. I realize I don’t have to do this, but why not?

So, tonight was Day #1 of using Conju soap on my face. I followed the directions and lathered it up, gently rubbed it into my skin for 2 – 3 minutes, and then rinsed with warm water. Online reviews have mentioned people breaking out in the first few days, and noticeably clearer and softer skin occurs after two weeks of use. I’ll update this in two weeks and let you know if I can see the difference.

There was a tingling sensation on parts of my face, and I accidentally got some near my eye and it stung a bit til I washed it out. A few minutes after drying my face, my skin felt tighter, and when I ran my finger over my skin, I could feel little bumps where I’ve been having tiny zits lately. I’m interested in seeing whether or not these disappear or lessen after two weeks.

I will update this review with my findings about Conju soap.

UPDATE #1 (3/21/12)
It’s been six days of using the soap. I use it every morning and night (though I missed one night when I crashed early). My cheeks have been pretty pink in color. My friend thought I was wearing blush the other day. The skin on the top of my cheeks, beneath my eyes was a little rough to the touch yesterday, but is smoother today. Same with some spots near my chin. It feels like the skin is exfoliating. My skin does feel tighter, especially right after I wash my face.

UPDATE #2 (4/15/12)
Admittedly, I skip the ritual of using the soap at times. Here’s a video that shows how to properly later and use the soap:

Pretty crazy, and I still can’t get my foam to be as foamy as in this video! Whoever is featured in that video is a soap-foaming ninja!
Sometimes I don’t scrub my face for a full 2 – 3 minutes, like when I’m late for work. And I notice I keep getting flare-ups near my nose… like one zit that’ll pop up at a time. And I do the bad thing and pop it. heh. I do feel this soap does get my face clean, and I can feel a tightness still, immediately after washing my face. My skin doesn’t seem worse, but I’m having a hard time telling whether or not it’s better. (I kinda have good skin, or at least, that’s what people tell me). Will post more if something else happens, but my conclusion is this is an OK product. Not sure if miracles will happen for people, but so far, so good.

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