Quest for Gingerbread in Hawaii: 2012 Edition

Sure Shot Gingerbread
While not shaped like gingerbread boys and gals, this was still pretty awesome!

As I mentioned before, I’m a pretty die-hard fan of gingerbread. It’s one of those things about Christmas that floats my boat, and makes me feel like the year is complete.

On my quest for gingerbread this year, I’ve tried Liliha Bakery, Deelite (St. Germain), and now, Sure Shot Cafe’s gingerbread. The verdict: So far, Sure Shot wins! Deelite came in last place. Their cookies looked nice, and were in the shape of gingerbread people, but the taste was not there. I went a couple of weekends ago, and the cookies lacked that ginger snappiness… they were quite bland and really hard… one of them even tasted a little burnt? I don’t know. Quite disappointing considering they were almost $4 each. Liliha’s cookies tasted better than Deelite’s, but they looked pretty bad. They were pretty big, and they were decorated to look like gingerbread men and women, but the frosting used on them was too soft for gingerbread, and they didn’t look good, in my opinion. The cookie batter was OK, but not great. I did not feel I had to go back for more.

From Deelite Bakery – Cute, but disappointing

As I was beginning to run out of hope, Lori (of Suffragette Station fame) saved the day by surprising me with a bag of awesome gingerbread cookies from Sure Shot Cafe! They felt pretty heavy, and they were. They actually had that snap I was looking for, and their dense make-up was something I found lacking in the other two cookies I tried. The red and green sprinkles added holiday cheer, and I didn’t mind that they were just shaped like regular cookies since they were so satisfying. I will no doubt attempt to get some more before the season’s end.

I didn’t notice any gingerbread when I peeked into Boulangerie located along King St., so I can’t say if they have it or not for certain. I’ll have to check it out.

So, a big mahalo to Lori, and I will continue my quest for gingerbread in Hawaii, 2012!

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