Cholesterol Baby

I was diagnosed with high cholesterol in late 2007. I’m sure it was high before then, but that was the first year I managed to get myself to a physician to get a physical. It was my first post-college physical, and the results were that I should bring it down from 200+.

I started training for the Great Aloha Run after hearing the news, and that led to marathon training. I’ve done three marathons since, and a bunch of smaller 10K, 20K, 25K, and 30K races since. In March, I’m set to do the Hapalua Half Marathon.

Despite all the running, my cholesterol was still high. In 2011, it was at 234, which was the highest it had been. I should point out it was my HDL cholesterol (the good one) that was maxed out, but my LDL was also higher than the doctor would have liked. He wasn’t too worried though, so I didn’t have to go on medication. Thank God.

I added weight training at the gym, and made some drastic changes in my diet, and finally, my cholesterol went below 200 after 5 years, in January 2012. I got another pass in July 1012, and yesterday, was another successful checkup with Dr. Inamasu. Because of this, he said he was going to stop screening me for cholesterol, and remarked that my lifestyle changes were really working for me.

I’m super happy about this. I have a fear of ending up like my father, grandma, aunty, and uncle… They had major heart problems leading to surgery, stroke, etc. I wish they could still be with us..

Just wanted to post since this is kinda a big deal, and was an ongoing theme in my life. Now, I have to keep it up! But, I don’t think it will be too hard.

Good News (31/365)
Dr. Inamasu’s office in in this building. Took this photo as I walked out of there, feeling like a million bucks!

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