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Serendipitous (100/365)

Keeping things up-to-date, I’ll give a basic update. The semester is coming to a close. The final day of instruction, is May 1st. Our last Chemistry lab is next Monday (4/22) and our final Biology lab is May 1st (Of course it is. Of course, Biology would make us go to the very end). Damn Biology!!!!

Things happening now:
1) I am no longer trying to become a registered dietitian, 2) I don’t even have the capacity to care for a cat, 3) I want to play guitar, but this time, not solely so I can meet cute guys who also play guitar, and 4) I am still dysfunctional and if I died crossing the street some time in the near future, it’d suck, but I’d be for-the-mostpart, OK with it. However, 5) If I was to die, I’d wish for a productive death. Like, I get hit, but then they cure cancer or something. I don’t know. I’m stupid and trying to wrap this up so I can go shopping with Rich.

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