The Importance of Being Coordinated and Stuff

The Hawaii Convention Center (96/365)
The Hawaii Convention Center: The view going down the escalators this afternoon, on my way home

Today, I assisted with some volunteer work for the Hawaii State Science and Engineering Fair. There were some pretty nice people there, and they fed me a Mediterranean wrap with hummus and veggies in it, along with sun chips (kinda a weakness of mine), an apple, and a mint, and a box of tiny cookies and a diet coke. Not bad.

Primarily, I worked on a project involving signage that would be placed at the ends of each row of science exhibits. It ended up taking me a while, but thankfully, I think it turned out OK. Hopefully, there aren’t any errors on there, because I’m pretty sure the judges and / or participants will be the people to notice, and that would be understandably irritating to them. I tried to make sure all categories and exhibits against the wall were addressed, so let’s hope it turned out well.

We also worked with judges’ packets. We were assisting my chemistry prof. today. He coordinates the judging portion of the science fair, and from what I can tell, it is a large group effort for many people, involving a lot of coordination. It’s cool and interesting to watch. Some people were nicer than others, and overall, it was pretty fine. I like events planning. I had considered applying for a position at the Waikiki Aquarium when I was trying to figure out what to do with the rest of my life. The position called for someone who would do a lot of PR and membership drives / events planning. It looked like a contract position which had to be renewed yearly. I really considered it, but ended up deciding on going back to school. I wonder sometimes whether or not it was a smart decision to go back. I get stressed and discouraged every so often. I could be making money instead of just spending it if I didn’t go back to school, but what kind of life would I have? I’d still be miserable and working in IT.

Lately, my latest frustration comes with the realization that I hate biology. I hate anything that requires rote memorization. I know you will apply the knowledge later, but the thing I like about chemistry, and math, is the problem-solving. Biology, so far, is the ability to memorize and regurgitate information. The text book makes me bored to no end. I can’t see how I can possibly make it through physiology and FSHN 185 next semester, but I just registered for it. I’m going to drop the summer FSHN 181 class since it’s costing me $1500, and I can take it next summer and still be on track. I just am not sure anymore that I want this dietetics degree. It’s good to question now. In December, I’ll have to see how FSHN and PHYL went and make a determination. Getting a master’s degree in a science, would take about as long as getting the dietetics degree and license since I have to do an internship. It might even be cheaper to get a MS, since I can be a TA.

Stuff to think about, for sure.

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