Night With a Certain Tea

Recently, a friend took me to Lupicia, in the Ala Moana Shopping Center. When I realized the mall had closed and we were still inside the shop being assisted by two nice saleswomen, I felt both obliged and obligated to make a purchase. At first I was just gonna get some tea, but also ended up with a white ceramic tea pot, which I find quite attractive in a short and stout way.

Feeling the urge to binge last night compelled me to make my first pot of tea with the new ware. I’m trying to lose the recent 5 lbs. which hitchhiked it’s way onto my body. Totally out of my hands, (and into my mouth), of course.

The tea I brewed, was called “happiness” tea. It’s a blend of “green tea and green roobios tea flavored with fresh fruits and flower petals,” and, I am pretty happy with it.

tea for one

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