My Dinner with Friends, Biology is Dumb

The Past is Calling; it Wants its Phone Back... (85/365)
A shot after dinner of Randi’s phone. I entitled this: The Past is Calling; it Wants its Phone Back

Last night, I had a great time catching up with a few friends I haven’t seen (some of them) since January 2013 — right before the spring 2013 semester began. So, if any of them happens to read this, thank you for coming out! We do the casual thing and meet at the food court, walk around the mall… and everyone ended up at the Apple Store. Yuck, I know.

My iPhone 5 started to die on me during dinner, so I managed to get an appointment and ultimately they traded in my “old” phone for a “new” one. I am skeptical when it comes out of the flat, white, barcoded box as to how “new” it is, but it looks pretty good to me. To my credit, I stopped the “Genius” from ripping off the face and back shields that the phones are shipped with. Usually they rip it off before I can stop them, but this time, my kung fu was better than his, and I stopped him before he could begin… to which he begrudgingly told me, “You won’t be able to hear anything with them on.” LIES! LIES I TELL YOU!!! Did he really think I was that stupid? (Do I look like a Biology major)!?! Grr. I hate lies, especially stupid ones that attempt to insult my intelligence. Suck it, apple!

Of course, I humored him, and said, “Yeah” and gave a girlie smile. I could easily have been an apple “genius” and was working way above their level in IT, but I digress… So then I made a phone call and could hear, and speak to Rich fine. Of course I could!!!! It’s a piece of plastic film on the facing of the phone!!! Which is exactly what I had to order online when I got home since theirs will probably peel off within a week or so, but it’s what I’m rockin’ right now.

Yes. I hate the Apple store. Yes, I love their products and own an iMac, iPhone 5, iPad 3rd gen, Nano (the last of the clip-on gen), and macbook Pro at home. BUT, I hate the apple store. Sorry fanboys and gals, I do. Don’t hate the playa, hate the game and all that.

But back to dinner — It was great seeing Mack Daddy Dead Air, [DJ]MetaLX, Sifu “Jive” Walker, Lori, Marie and Randi. Yes, some of us had DJ handles (mine was joan9). and some of us were bold enough to go with our real names.. and Marie is MetalX’s wife who wasn’t a DJ, but is still one of the gang. Unfortunately, Rid couldn’t make it, because, according to Randi, he was at some kind of creative-person-architecture meeting. We ate assorted foods, talked story, and per usual, everyone teased me about something stupid I said, because, I am often saying something stupid.

Last night’s topic of stupidity, was my hatred of “stupid” biology. Oh, they laid into me as I tried to explain to them… “But no, you don’t understand HOW BORING IT IS!” I kept saying… and I bored myself by attempting to explain some of what I’ve been learning, dammit! Aaaahhhh!!!! Did I mention I had two reading quizzes and a homework due on Sunday night, a lab quiz due last night, a lab paper is due tonight, and this upcoming Sunday, 3 more online homework/quizzes are due? Did I mention that all I really wanted to learn about in biology is sex, evolution, and digestion? And sex?!?!

Yeah. I had stupid people biology in high school and at HCC, apparently. Cause that’s all we talked about, and I liked Biology back then. But now… it’s all cellular-level. Augh! I suppose it’s important, but I hate that my exams consist of regurgitation more than anything else, and no actual problem solving. I like logic, and cannot apply it in this class. It’s all about memorization, and I hate that.

But yeah. They had a big laugh at my feeble attempts to sound smart while dissing an entire branch of science. Damn them! I did sound pretty silly, I’m sure. They were sweet enough to wait while I got my phone replaced at the Apple store, and then everyone (except me and Randi) went to get cookies at Cookie Corner. I am dieting, and also did not desire a cookie. Of course, they teased me for saying my favorite cookie was the “Snickerdoodle” which sounded like something akin to Biology, apparently. (a.k.a. stupid).

Yeah. I’ll stop now before some aspiring bio major reads this and gets mad. lol!

Bottom line: My friends are able to laugh at me, moreso than with me, but that is just fine. I deserve it most times. hehe. I missed them. Thank God they hang out with me from time to time, despite how silly I get.

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