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Spring Break 2013

One of the cool things at school this past week: Asian cuisine in the cafeteria prepared by LCC culinary students. :) Holy shit, I’m on spring break! Something I never would have imagined saying to anyone ever again around this … Continue reading

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Procrastinating Maroon

I want this inside me. I am so dumb. I found out I was getting a ‘B’ in Biology lab, so instead of getting lab report out of the way and working on it, I went to dinner with Rich. … Continue reading

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Read the Book.

A boring-ass picture from boring-ass biology lab For the first time this whole semester, I read a chapter we were assigned to read out of my Mastering Biology textbook. I can’t stand biology. I find it incredibly boring. I know. … Continue reading

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Covert Dating and the Importance of being Not Nice, Not Cute, and Not Quiet.

The young guy in my class texted me on Thursday to ask me to study with him. I texted back that I wasn’t on campus, (I was on my way but didn’t want to meet up with him), and got … Continue reading

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