But yeah, at least the biology test is over. God Dammit.

Microscope (30/365)
Brandi taking a photo of a cellular organism for BIO lab

I got a 77.6% on the first Biology midterm. That is a lot better than I expected, considering I didn’t get to study much this weekend (I got sick), and I had so much other homework to do… (much of it BIOLOGY)!!! Man. I hate Biology.

Today, in Biology Lab, Christian asked me which high school I went to. I said Mililani, which is where he went.. but I said – there’s no way he would know me. And he was like: Why? And I asked him: “What year were you born?” and he said 1994. I told him, “I graduated from high school in 1993.” Then everyone listening tripped the fuck out. I mean, really. How ageist, right? Lol! Well, they were nice about it, at least. But they instantly assumed I didn’t want to look as old as I was, but I don’t feel too old, you know? But maybe that is the hallmark of being old and un-hip? Not thinking you are old and un-hip, that is. (Not to mention use of the word “un-hip”).

Brandon, told me he thought I was 22 years old. And the other people said things like, “Don’t even worry about it,” when I mentioned I am one of the oldest people in the class. Someone else said I had “good genes” and looked really young. I think that’s sweet. I said I wished that I looked older though, mainly so my professors would know.

But yeah. So, that happened. And it felt both good and bad. I felt like a stupid little kid again, in my baggy pants, and think the beige shirt I wore today also was not working for me.

Earlier that day, I had run into my CHEM prof. on my way to Biology, and talked to him a bit about the quiz we had in Chemistry. I told him that quiz was weird — that it had such ugly answers, and I wasn’t sure whether or not I got them right. He said something to the effect of: Well, what did you expect? And that he had to make it interesting.

My brain, wants to believe I got 100%, but I imagine he will find errors on there, and there’s no way I got a perfect, even though, I felt I aced it. But he said I was doing the “adult thing again” and stressing things too much. Which, kinda made me feel stupid. But yeah. I guess I do care too much sometimes. But my problem the last time I was in school, was that I cared too little, so perhaps I am overcompensating a bit too much.

Maybe I just need to get really plastered, but wait a minute… I’m too old for that shit.

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