Spring 2013: Report Card

BIOL 171 Intro to Biology I B
BIOL 171L WI-Intro to Biology Lab I B
CHEM 161B General Chemistry I A
MATH 135 Pre-Calculus: Elementary Functions A

Spring 2013 was my first semester back to school. I loved all my classes this semester (even Biology) and can’t complain about any of my professors/instructors. Mahalo to them and to the students, and LCC for making it a fun semester. My current g.p.a. for the semester is a 3.63. Chemistry was 4.0 credits, and so was BIOL171 / 171L combined. How the hell did I get a B in Biology? I have no idea, but YES!!!

After Math (66/365)
Math was a night class that let out at 7:15PM. This is what the parking lot looked like when class was over. I’ll miss that class.

Chlorophyll: Red, Green, and Brown Algae
Chlorophyll extracts from red, green and brown algae – Biology 171L (WI)

Chemistry Lab
Chemistry lab – popping a single kernel of popcorn in an erlenmeyer flask

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2 Responses to Spring 2013: Report Card

  1. scrivener says:

    Congratulations! Beers on you!

    • honeybee says:

      Thank you! I did better than I thought I would… though in retrospect I should have shot for straight A’s, but in truth, it’s something very foreign to me to get any A’s in math/science, so it wasn’t something I even really considered as a possibility until the end of the semester. Still in shock, honestly!

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