Peer Mentoring so far..

I started peer mentoring for CHEM 161 during summer session I. I’ve had two sessions with the class so far. The first time, there were about 9 people, I think. This time, they didn’t know I was coming. My bad. I probably was supposed to tell them I would be there, but I didn’t The instructor, also didn’t tell them. They were surprised when I showed up, and four of them were there today. Nice group. I was feeling pretty damned good until I realized (a couple hours after leaving campus) that I had told them something wrong.

I seriously felt like… here’s how I described it: “I feel like curling up into the fetal position and hooking myself up to an IV drip of ethanol.” I literally wanted to curl into a ball and disappear… for a split second I could feel my body fighting the instinct to go fetal. lol! That would not have looked too cool on the floor of Fisher office supply warehouse. Yup. I’m a weirdo.

I was at Fisher Hawaii, looking at stuff just because I was bored and didn’t feel like going directly home, and then it struck out of the blue… No! I’d made a mistake in one answer to Kaleo… I think it was Kaleo who asked during class. Four people were there. I’m slowly learning names. One dude asks questions, but never comes to sessions. They’re all pretty cool so far. I’m happy.

So I actually drove back to campus. No one was there, of course. I decided to go back tomorrow, and tell them the right answer since their first midterm is happening on Friday. If they ask me to help them, maybe I will stick around and lend a hand.

I also have to go to Barnes & Noble to sign papers in the afternoon. Then, I assume they will tell me when orientation is, and start putting me on the schedule. I hope to enjoy working there.

But yeah. I enjoy the experience of teaching so far. It is so nerve-wracking at times, but I really hope its helping out the people who attend. Time will tell, I suppose. I’ve been keeping in touch with the math mentor, and he said he’s glad he signed on as well. What’s kind of funny, is he decided he definitely does not want to teach, and I’m really enjoying it. Despite the stress, I really love it so far. If I don’t end up teaching at community college, maybe high school would be fine. I don’t know. Have to see how my finances and stuff pan out in the next few years.

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