Friday 5 for June 28: Austerity

The questions

  1. When you have to cut back on spending for a time, what are the niceties you’re least likely to give up even though you could (or should)?
  2. In leaner times, what are your go-to “famine foods?”
  3. How do you keep yourself amused or entertained in times requiring great frugality?
  4. When was the last time you had to go into austerity mode?
  5. What’s a necessary expenditure others might consider an extravagance?

The answers:

  1. Netflix and Hulu Plus subscriptions, candy or snacks, iPhone and $100+ monthly phone bill.
  2. Protein powders, protein bars, fruit, water, peanutbutter, laughing cow light swiss cheese wedges
  3. The Internet is always cool, or just random cruising to nowhere in particular with friends
  4. Currently in austerity mode…
  5. Gym membership, shoes, anything school related (extra molecule kit, extra textbook to replace current one falling apart, additional texts), Broadband Internet connectivity

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