Welcome to KCC. Summer Session 2: Math 140 – Trig and Analyt

I’m taking Trigonometry and analytical geometry at KCC this summer during the second session of summer school. My professor, (Kadala) is a physics professor, and also a mathematician. He has an interesting way of graphing sine and cosine along the x and y axis, and then shifting axises and adding units that makes my head ache, but I appreciate him showing it to us. Maybe I’ll do it his way, but the way I do it is so much easier for me.

We have a packed class. A nice foreign student sits next to me on the two-person desk in the second row that I sit at each day. I have yet to find out her name. We smile and say hello and goodbye every day. It’ll get embarrassing soon if I don’t find out! lol!

The campus is humid. I sit in AC whenever possible, and will probably end up consuming more Subway sandwiches than I ever should. The Subway at KCC also sells Seattle’s Best Coffee! The KCC website tells you to get a student ID, but doesn’t mention where. Awesome yeah? But then at least the library tells you where to get a student ID here. (It’s Iliahi 126). To use the wireless at this campus, you have to take your laptop to the library and have a student employee add it to the network for you. While getting my student ID, and getting my laptop connected to the wireless network, I was assisted by two different, unfriendly female students at each location. At KCC, Parking is free, and plentiful so far in the summer. I have yet to venture into the cafeteria or the STEM center I hear about.

One surprising thing I discovered, is that LCC has math peer mentors during the summer (and yours truly was a CHEM 161 mentor), but KCC has nothing. The professor was saying there is no tutoring or assistance during the summer for our class. You can see him during his office hours, or get into study groups with classmates. I’m handling all right so far, but it’s only the first week.

I sound like I’m griping, so I’ll tell you some of the good things about KCC… the campus itself is pretty. There’s a beautiful view from the cafeteria.. Did I mention the parking is free? And there’s Seattle’s Best Coffee in the Subway? I’m sure they have some excellent professors here. Kadala seems pretty all right so far. Overall, I’m happy I chose him over the professor teaching math at LCC this summer.

I’m planning to take Calculus I at KCC from Pak in the fall, but Chemistry has to be at Leeward Community College. They really do have the best chemistry department as far as I can tell between the different community colleges. Reese, and Ashburn, are really excellent professors. I learned a lot with Reese, have Tibbitt in the fall, and will have Ashburn in the spring and fall of 2014. I’ve got to stick with LCC because the professor ratings at the other campuses are just too poor. Reese, was an excellent Chem 161 professor who I’d highly recommend.

I do love that I can get to KCC so quickly from my home. I also do think there are some nice people at KCC, and am looking forward to learning more about the place. KCC is all right so far. :)

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