me? self-conscious? don’t be ridicu—uh.

Yesterday, I was in the science room printing up something for class. Kevin showed me a cool article about the recent Higgs boson discovery, which went a little over my head and I wasn’t able to really concentrate on reading it, truth be told. But a woman walked into the room and complimented his shirt, and got something out of the fridge, and she obviously worked there… and it was my classmate and former soccer teammate from like, the 1980s! I didn’t recognize her at all, but she said she had seen me around, and was like: Hey – there’s a student here who looks just like Allyson, but that can’t be her… but she decided to ask me if I was in fact me, and… yup! So….. wow. I am running into people from high school now on campus.

She said I look young. I told her she was looking good. She turned to Kevin and said we are the same age, but that she looks a lot older than me (not true imo). But it was weird. It felt off to be a student, and run into people from high school who are well-established in their careers, and probably married with families and all the normal things other ladies in my class are most-likely up to. She seemed like an adult. She looked like an adult. She had really cool yellow-tinted glasses, and a nice skirt and shirt on. She looked great… while I was standing there in purple nikes, a plaid shirt and cargo pants, feeling like a kid.

I know I shouldn’t feel bad about these kinds of things, but I do.

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