everything becomes organic

If it has carbon in it, I’m your gal. Or, at least, I will be. Next semester I have the honor of taking Organic Chemistry I (CHEM 272) at Leeward Community College. I also will be mentoring the class while a student in it. Seems unconventional, but also makes sense when I think about it. I was approached a few weeks back by the instructor to do the mentoring gig. It’ll be an on-campus job, and will pay an hourly wage. I can do 10 hours a week. It sounds like a good deal to me.

Apparently, he has faith in me since I am doing well in Chemistry, and the instructors talk to each other, so he believes I can do it. I’ll have to stay a chapter ahead of the class, and be able to help all my classmates with any questions they may have. I will also work close with the instructor each week to make sure my understanding of the material is correct. He said I’d learn to use chemdraw, and he’ll ask me to make special handouts illustrating a concept, etc., for the class, and that I can keep all the handouts I create and take them with me to Manoa. I will also run weekly problem-solving sessions, have some hours for tutoring, and will have weekly meetings with him. He’s excited that I want to teach chemistry. I’m excited for the opportunity and hope to do well. When he offered me the position, I asked, “But what if I suck at Ochem?” and he replied, “But you won’t suck!”

So, there you go. lol! I hope these people putting in faith in me won’t get let-down, and I will do my best for the sake of my classmates, and Dr. Ashburn, and myself. My second-post quitting IT jobby job! I did peer mentoring in the summer for Chem 161 (not really a job, more like a grant), I worked at Barnes and Noble (interesting but not awesome), and now I’ll be mentoring Organic Chemistry. I’m stoked. I need more money, but… this is still cool.

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